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Providing a shelter that preserves dignity and privacy for the displaced in northwest Syria, and protects them from various weather factors.



According to the latest statistics before the earthquake, after more than ten years of the ongoing war in Syria, the infrastructure has been greatly damaged, and the economic situation has deteriorated in an unprecedented way, as the inflation rate reached 90% in the last year, and prices increased by 87%. As a result, there are more than 15 million people in need of aid, and has led to the displacement of more than 6.8 million people, of whom more than 2 million live in camps, most of them in northwestern Syria, where 49% of the displaced live in settlements for the displaced such as camps, and 73% of them indicate that there are risks in their shelter 16% of the displaced families live in damaged houses, and another 14% live in moderately or severely damaged houses. These methods of housing are not ideal in any way due to the difficult conditions they live in, as they do not preserve dignity or privacy, and they also leave the family exposed to weather factors. harsh conditions, where 76% of the displaced indicate that there are problems in their shelter.

On the other hand, the report on the status of the shelter for the displaced in northwestern Syria indicates that 31% of the displaced do not have the ability to repair the homes in which they live, and that 66% of the tenants find great difficulties in securing the rent.

The displaced renters suffer from difficulty in securing a house for rent, as expressed by 78% of them, and the renters of unfinished buildings represent 45%, 39% are hosted for free, and 13% are random settlers.

And after the devastating earthquake that hit northern Syria and southern Turkey, which killed more than 4,500 people and more than 8,000,000 injured, and more than 1,700 houses were completely destroyed, and more than 8,600 houses were partially destroyed, which led to a renewed displacement of more than 86,000 thousand people, and according to statistics, There are 50,000 people in urgent need of shelter.


For this reason, the Humanitarian Development aid Organization (HUDA) is working on implementing sustainable solutions initiatives by building earthquake-resistant housing units to be a shelter that protects our people and preserves their dignity in northwestern Syria.


Construction specifications:

HUDA Charity is committed in all its implemented projects to humanitarian and international standards to maintain the professionalism of work and the quality of services provided to our people in Syria.

The engineering team designed the housing units according to the following:

1- All designs and construction operations are carried out in accordance with approved standards and are earthquake-resistant.

2- The built-up area of the house is 46 square meters, and it conforms to the approved humanitarian standards in addition to the 32 square meters garden.

3- The houses include sanitary facilities such as the kitchen and bathrooms and are ready to be connected to the sewage network.

4- The house includes an electricity and water network for the entire house and is ready to be connected to the local electricity network or by relying on solar energy.

5- Each house has an independent external courtyard, which is considered a safe space for children and the family, and it can be used with some home plants.

1-    The house consists of two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an outdoor patio, with a total housing area of 78 square meters.




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