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Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

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Statistics indicate that the number of Syrian wounded since the beginning of the revolution has exceeded 2.23 million, 9% are children and 11% are women, and more than 22,000 of them have lost at least an upper or lower limb, and there are 300,000 injured whose treatment or wrong transfer to medical centers led to paralysis.

The number of people who were amputated in one of the limbs as a result of the war in Syria reaches 86 thousand people, according to a report issued by the World Health Organization, and half a million Syrians suffer from various injuries due to the war, which makes the total number of Syrian war casualties during the first six years up to 3 million documented injuries, including about 1.5 million are permanently disabled out of the 3 million people injured since 2011.

Also, a report issued by the United Nations for the year 2017 confirmed that 30,000 people are subjected to psychological trauma as a result of the conflict, and 2.8 million people suffer from disabilities, of whom 86,000 have amputated limbs, and children are the group most affected by disability.

Many of the injured suffer from at least hemiplegia as a result of a spinal cord injury, and this paralysis afflicts the entire family with economic paralysis as a result of the patient's need for care, attention, and consideration for his mental and physical health.

Therefore, Huda Charity works to rehabilitate the injured so that they are able to fulfill their needs and be self-reliant, and even access the labor market to become producers who provide life costs for their families.

How do we habilitate the injured?

Physical injury is not disability, but disability is the self that impedes the energy of its owner and makes him dependent and lethargic. For this reason, Huda’s medical team works to provide health and psychological care and conduct the necessary physical treatment for the injured within a specialized center to restore the energy of the owner and make him able to use the wheelchair well and reach his needs. We also provide him with vocational training on electronic programs to enable him to access job opportunities.


Huda Charity has a center specialized in physiotherapy for people with spinal cord injuries. The center provides a car to transport the injured from their houses to the center to start receiving treatment under the supervision of a specialized medical, psychological, and professional team.

The center targets the various categories of injured children and adults, and works to motivate them, and re-enable them to use their atrophied muscles, as well as enable them to use the wheelchair in different places and conditions, leading to dispensing with the help of others in their movements and fulfilling their needs.

Then the injured are subjected to vocational training courses using computers to provide them with design, montage, accounting, or other skills, in order to present them to the labor market.

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation:

The patient's progress is monitored from the first day through the specialized team, his initial condition is evaluated, a plan for psychological and physical treatment is prepared, and progress is continuously measured according to realistic measurement indicators.


Enabling the injured person to be self-reliant means reviving the family that has fallen into a vortex of calamity as a result of the disruption of their interests to care for the injured, which means that his rehabilitation will restore the psychological and economic stability of the family.

How to habilitate the injured and revive his family?

Contribute with us by providing physical therapy, psychological support, and vocational training for the injured through:




Rehabilitation of the injured physically


Physiotherapy session


Vocational training

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