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Literacy for children in northern Syria

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After ten years of the ongoing war in Syria, which destroyed the infrastructure and led to the displacement of more than 6 million people, most of whom were displaced several times, most of whom were concentrated in northwest Syria in the settlements of the displaced, most of which were random and unplanned, lacking many services.

Children in Syria suffer from limited access to education as a basic right for them as a result of several factors. According to HNO2023, there are more than 7,000 schools that have been damaged or destroyed, and a lack of specialized staff as a result of the interruption of salaries and financial allocations, especially in rural areas, and poor school services such as furniture, heating and facilities. According to the JENA2022 report, 44% of children in northwestern Syria are out of school (19% have never attended school and 81% have enrolled and then They dropped out), as some of the reasons were as follows: 26% frequent displacement, 12% after school, 11% lack of schools in the camps, 17% absence of teachers, 24% the lack of importance of education in obtaining work, 22% habits that prevent girls from education.

As a result, a generation of different ages has never been to school and has not learned to read and write, which makes its future fraught with dangers.

How do we build the future of children and save them from the clutches of ignorance?

Huda Charity works to locate children deprived of education for whatever reason, and works through its mobile team of teachers to register the names of the students and locate a location for the educational class in cooperation with the people of the camp or village.

Lessons begin by distributing Huda’s educational curriculum, which includes Arabic language, mathematics, and societal values. A stationery bag is also distributed for the child to use in his first unique learning experience. Children join the educational class for 6 months on a daily basis, learning reading and writing, and learning various life skills. They live a unique experience through the psychological support activities provided by the teachers.

The team of teachers is characterized by their competence and experience, as they have been carefully recruited and subjected to an educational qualification diploma that enables them to deal with illiterate children of all ages.

Is there an effect of Huda's educational classes?

Certainly, learning is subject to high standards of follow-up. Huda's supervisors monitor teachers' performance periodically, and conduct tests on a regular basis to ensure the progress of students and the competence of teachers.

According to the statistics of Huda Charity, 97% of the children in Huda’s classes graduate with a high ability to read and write, and many of them enroll in official schools in the third and fourth grades of primary school, which compensates them for the years they have lost. The enrollment rate is more than 65%.

How to save a child from the clutches of ignorance and draw a pregnancy?

Depending on the target area and its readiness of the infrastructure, the literacy program was divided into  several shares, as follows:




Child literacy


Literacy class for 25 students




Class establishment

A high-quality tent with a cement floor, in addition to study chairs, a blackboard, and lighting


Print literacy curriculum

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